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Awkward Way to Carry Cargo

19 September, 2019

Puppy Dogs First Monday

18 September, 2019



Dog Balances Fruits And Vegetables On Head

Lemon beagle Maymo is a very popular dog just for his adorable face. In this silly video, his owner balanced 100 fruits and


How To Cut A Pineapple Hack

Pineapple is a delicious and healthy snack, but cutting it up is such a pain! This street vendor has obviously


You’ll Never Guess How Cherries Are Harvested From Cherry Trees

Cherriesare  one of summer's most delicious bounties. But have you ever wondered how they get from the cherry trees to your grocery


Fruits You’re Eating Wrong

Think you know how to eat fruit? Well you've been doing it wrong all these years! At least, that's what


Real Life Fruit Ninja

Most people have heard of Fruit Ninja the game, this guy is the real thing! Just watch as this real


Growth Of A Strawberry Will Get You In The Mood For Summer

Summer is quickly approaching. And that means fresh fruit and berries. The Baltimore Sun shows viewers the life of a strawberry,


Little Boy Adorably Drops Mother’s Day Breakfast In Bed Surprise

Carter and Cayden were super psyched to bring mommy a Mother's Day surprise breakfast in bed. But as the two


Raccoon Eating Grapes Will Inspire You To Eat More Fresh Fruit

Russian YouTuber Gregz Animationz posted this adorable animal video in the summer, but the clip has only gone viral now! The


Rubber Bands Watermelon Explosion In Super Slow Motion

After the boys of The Slow-Mo Guys saw the latest viral video of a watermelon exploding after being wrapped with rubber bands,


Japanese Girls Dance At Grocery Store Music Video

Japan is always a great source for all things weird and WTF, and this latest viral music video by Warner Music


Amazing Watermelon Carving

Vid Nikolic shows off his amazing fruit carving skills on a watermelon. His carving begins slow and precise, and quickly turns


Fruit Decaying Time Lapse Over 74 days

Nature is amazing. A bowl of fruits and vegetables decomposing over 74 days displayed in just a minute and a



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