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Nerd Mods Original Gameboy In Ultimate Emulator Machine

Even though it is basically an archaic antique, nerds still love the original Gameboy. Like others before him, Wermy decided to bring…

Kids React To The Original Game Boy

These days, kids have access to amazing mobile technology that was the stuff of science fiction only 20 years ago.…

Awesome Game Boy Facts Stop Motion

The Nintendo Game Boy maybe one of the most famous video games systems in the world. It's difficult to find…

High Tech Business Card Actually Plays Tetris

Now this is a business card that speaks for itself. The Arduboy made by Bateske is a high tech, interactive business card…

Super Smash Brothers For GameBoy

Usually, nerds remake their favorite games to add updates and other cool features. But PikiNetwork did just the opposite, and went all…

Game Boy Music

A Game Boy with dead batteries is no fun at all. Or is it? Let's make some music from the Game…



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