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A Random Rock Paper Scissors Appears

Stuck in traffic? Play a game!


Fidget Spinners Are The Latest Hype

These adults learn what a fidget spinner is all about and why it's absolutely necessary to own one yourself. [embed][/embed]


Proof That Bowling Is An Art

The Big Lebowski proved it a long time ago, and this is just a reminder--bowling is an art!


What Can You Cut With Paper?

Paper cuts are a nasty thing, but did you ever wonder what other destruction paper is capable of?


A Giant Sumo Battle Of Epic Proportions

If this giant sumo battle doesn't get your heart racing, I don't know what is.


Drone Does The Best Trick Shots!

Technology is everywhere today. So let's use it in a useful way and make a drone score some insane trick


Combine Juggling And Pool Trick Shots And You Get One Sick Video

We're always interested in trick shot videos, so this naturally came to our attention. A master juggler combined with a great


If Only This Latest April Fools Gaming News Were True

Nvidia has come up with a revolutionary technology to further maximize your gaming experience. The AI can learn from your


If Apps Were Real 2

The people from Smosh got a viral hit showing us some (more) apps being promoted into real life, resulting in


Bunny Playing Jenga

This bunny called Simba seems to be a better player at Jenga than me. He successfully removes a stone without


Clash-A-Rama! The Series: 12 Days of Clashmas

This new and christmassy issue of "Clash-A-Rama" by Clash Of Clans already got over 8 million views shortly after uploading.


Overwatch In Real Life With Nerf Guns

"Nerf Overwatch" from Corridor Digital brings the hit video game to life. Kind of. This video already got over 800,000