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Impressionist Has A Conversation With Gandalf And Other Celebrities

What if Gandalf asked a group of celebrities for help to go to Middle Earth to destroy the ring? Impressionist


You Shall Not Pass Train Edition

"You shall not pass," may be one of the most famous lines from Lord of the Rings.  The silly crew


You Shall Not Pass Prank In Central Park

As a part of Improv Everywhere's silly Movies In Real Life series, the New York City based improv art group brought Lord


LEGO Voldemort Meets Gandalf While Wand Shopping

All nerds know that He Who Must Not Be Named is the most powerful wizard in the world. Or is


Willie Nelson’s The Hobbit 2 Audition Reel

American country music singer and songwriter Willie Nelson just turned 80 years old today. To celebrate, the famous herbal loving musician


Gandalf Famous Sir Ian McKellen Says ‘You Shall Not Pass’ During Speech At High School

"You shall not pass," is one of the most famous quotes from contemporary cinema. Viewers get shivers hearing Sir Ian


Gandalf vs Dumbledore Rap Battle

Gandalf is the powerful wizard in the Lord Of The Rings stories. Dumbledore is great headmaster wizard of Hogwarts in