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Jeff Goldblum Stars In GE Commercial

Jurassic Park and Independence Day star Jeff Goldblum stars in this ridiculous 1970's inspired commercial by General Electric. With beautiful


Super Hydrophobic Surface And Magnetic Liquid In Super Slow Motion

The Slow Mo Guys teamed up with GE for their latest slow motion video.  They had the special opportunity to play with


GE Science Vines Compilation

As Twitter's micro-video application Vine continues to boom online, GE has jumped on the bandwagon. Two weeks ago, they prompted the


Doctor’s Fight “Fire with Fire” Infecting Child With HIV To Fight Her Cancer

GE published this emotional science video in May, but it is trending now more than ever. The short film Fire With Fire


What Will You Invent?

To celebrate Inventor's Day, and to also not miss a marketing opportunity, GE teamed up with BuzzFeed to publish this What Will You


Train Transporting Orange Juice From Florida To New Jersey Time Lapse

In a genius marketing move, GE published this time lapse video of one of their trains pulling Tropicana orange juice from


Fox News Bloopers NBC GE Story

It's well know that Fox News leans more to the right and MSNBC leans to the left. GE owns NBC,


Balls Falling, Boucing On Gel In Slow Motion GE Commercial

Usually, the energy generated when you stop a moving train is dissipated as heat, and is lost. GE invented dynamic