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Kind Canadian Leads Lost Goose To Lake

Andre Bachman was driving down a dirt road when he stumbled upon a Canadian Goose who didn't seem to be in


Geese Marching Band Is Adorable

It's not everyday you see a marching band. Especially a marching band consisting of geese. But that's exactly what tourists


Geese Tsunami In Canada

Maikel Parets was at the park when a huge flock of snow geese took a break from their stressful migration.  Suddenly,


Gorilla VS Goose Stand Off At Sedgwick County Zoo

If a child was asked, 'which would win in a fight, a gorilla or goose,' they would obviously answer the


Look At All Those Chickens

An enormous gaggle of geese is always a sight to see. And now that Spring is upon us, the flocks


Giant Gaggle Of Geese Chicks Charge Man Tossing Out Bread

Nadrojsleek is a basically a real life Peter Griffin bird feeder. He knows just how and when is the best way to feed


Geese Surfing On Colorado River Waves

Who knew that not only can geese fly, float, and swim, but they can also surf. A group of geese


Police Escort Geese On Highway

I-90 is an enormously busy through way in America. There are cameras and traffic engineers constantly watching the highway looking for