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Printing A GIF Into A Flip-Book

Of course it is not really a new thing to print out single frames of a moving image (GIF) to


Redditor Built Robot That Talks In GIF Images

This might be the best invention of the year already! Peeqo is a little robot with an AI (just like

30 GIFs for 30 Days in Los Angeles

Creative director James Curran has done a new "Gifathlon" where he shows us his month in Los Angeles with 30


Gifs With Sounds Compilation 2013

Gifs are great and all, but they're even better with sound. That inspired xerograde to sift through the web and find the


Final Jeopardy Question Proves GIF Is Pronounced With Soft G

Since the dawn of the GIF, web users have been debating how to pronounce the word. Either as gif, with


GIFs With Music And Sound Added Compilation February 2013

NSFW - language  The trend of compiling popular online GIFs and adding appropriate and entertaining music continues on YouTube. The


GIFs With Added Sounds And Music Compilation

Gifs have always been popular to pass around online, but now a trend of gifs with sounds has emerged. It's been


Ultimate GIFs With Sound Compilation Part 2

After the much viral success of his first 'Ultimate GIFs With Sound Compilation,' YouTuber JamaicanBaconify has returned with a second helping.  So


Ultimate GIFs With Sound Compilation

GIFs are an essential part of the Inter-webs, and a huge part of social blogging sites like Tumblr and Reddit.


Famous GIFs Compilation

There truly are too many famous GIFs to list, but here's the next best thing. As many famous GIFs and