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How To Wrap A Gift Just With Paper (And No Tape)

If you happen to have a last minute present, but no tape to put it all together - just do


Employees Buy WiiU For Kid Who Comes In Every Day To Play

Rahiem Storr uploaded this video of the Valley Stream Best Buy, where a kid came in every day to play


Dog Unwraps Owner for Christmas

Did you get what you wanted for Christmas this year? This adorable dog, Trouble, got exactly what every dog hopes for:


Husband Surprises Wife With New Car For Christmas

It's always exciting to get a new car, but it's especially thrilling when the car you have is an old


Make Any Glove Work With A Touchscreen

A handmade gift is always better than one you paid big bucks for. It's just so much more meaningful. To


Japanese Gift Wrapping Hack Explained

The truly prepared already have their Christmas presents wrapped and hidden away. But the rest of us have real life to


John Oliver On Regifting

It was Jerry Seinfeld who first made the concept of 'regifting' popular. You know, the concept of taking a gift that you didn't


Dad’s Frozen Doll Gag Gift Is The Worst

Fathers around the world are known for their cheesy jokes. But the Internet is not happy with one dad's gag


Man Surprises Parents By Paying Off Their Mortgage For Christmas

Programmer Joeyt Riquelme is the creator of the popular video editing iPhone app VideoShop. Now that he is 'living the life' he