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Introducing Gmail Blue Google April Fool’s Commercial

The official YouTube channels for Google, YouTube, and Google Maps have all made hilariously nerdy April Fool's videos for their users…

The Story Of How Gmail Works

Google doesn't only want to be the world's most used Internet company and service. They also want to impact the environment…

G-Male And Siri: A Love Story

Everyone loves Google's GMail and Apple's Siri, so it's only natural for the two to get together. But as in…

Gmail Tap – Google’s 2012 April Fools

Google loves to play along with the holidays, especially geek beloved April Fools. Since most people are fascinated and surprised by what geeks…

Google Explains New Gmail

Google posted this video explaining the new updates to Gmail in October, but it just went viral recently. Users of…

Nerds Make Real Working Gmail Motion

For fun, Google made an April Fools video about their new (fake) application called Gmail Motion. Basically, using motion sensing…

Gmail Motion April Fools Joke

Google isn't all serious business. They know how to have fun, and in honor and April Fools, they introduced Gmail…



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