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How To Build A Go-Kart For Your Kid

How To DAD from New Zealand shares another significant part of parenthood: building karts for your kids. Obviously!


First Time Go-kart Rider Doesn’t Know How To Break

Oh wow... Nikola Milicevic was filming the first time his girlfriend got to drive Go-karts with him. And he surely


Lawn Mower Racing

Everyone loves racing go-karts. They are arguably more fun to drive thanĀ real cars. But racing with riding lawn mowers? That's


Crazy Inventor Puts Jet Engine On Go-Kart

British inventor Colin FurzeĀ is famous online for his outrageous and ridiculous hacks and inventions. He often takes everyday things and


Crazy Cart From RAZOR Scooters Commercial

By now, most people are familiar with the ubiquitous favored by kids and teens alike. Even with the multiple electric


Dog Drives Power Wheels Go-Kart In The Park

All kids love Power Wheels go-karts, and apparently, dogs do too. After the first driving dog went viralviral last December,


Dad Upgrades Five Year Old Son’s Lightning McQueen Power Wheel

There's no doubt that Power Wheels was and still is one of the coolest toys a kid can get. But


Go Kart Fail Compilation

Who doesn't love taking some go karts around the track a couple of laps? It's the perfect summer day activity


Real Life Super Mario Kart Race

FreddieW made a real life Mario Kart race. The go karters use the legendary red shells, star invincibility, and mushroom