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Test Your International Languages’ Accents On Siri And Google Home

Our robot friends Siri, Echo and Google Home don't always recognize when we try to speak another language, so these

Meme, Video

Google Street-view Afghanistan


Samuel L. Jackson Answers The Web’s Most Searched Questions

WIRED got over 1.2 million views on their special web-interview with actor... uhm... how was his name again?! "'Kong: Skull


This Parrot Perfectly Mimics Google Sound

This can get confusing... :) MissSadieSue uploaded this vido demonstration the unique sound imitating skills of herbird Coco resulting in


This Is What People Searched For In 2016 On The Internet

Google just published their "Year In Search 2016" retrospect. In this two minute video we not only get to see,


Did Google Manipulate Search for Hillary?

Basically all of uss Google literally countless times a day to go shopping, read news, and be entertained. Most of


Google StreetView Inception

Most of us take it for granted today, but it was only a few years ago that GPS was an


Google Self-Driving Bicycle

Google is famous around the world for not only their search engine, but also for their innovative inventions, such as autonomous


Google Cardboard Plastic

It's finally one of the Internet's favorite holidays. Apirl Fool's! For this year, Google debuted this commercial for their latest high tech


If Google Was A Guy Part 5

College Humor found a winner, and they're not letting up on the idea anytime soon. They're back with another installment of their hilarious If


Google Year In Search 2015

It's truly amazing how the world has changed in just the past ten years. It wasn't that long ago that


If Google Was A Guy Part 4

When something works in Hollywood they keep launching sequels, so why should the Internet be any different? After already publishing three