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Gordon Rents A New Apartment For Struggling Owners

Sure, Gordon is all cursing and yelling, but the guy has a heart too. [embed][/embed]


Gordon Ramsay Almost Gets Poisoned

Luckily for him the waiter is his guardian angel. [embed][/embed]


Bacon And Chocolate Pizza, I Can’t Even…

Bacon and chocolate are both delicious. But together, on a pizza?! That's some disgusting food. [embed][/embed]


Adele Absolutely Hates Gordon’s Expensive Restaurant Makeover

You'd think when someone pays a shitload of money so you can make good food again, you'd be a little


Gordon Ramsay Teaches Students How To Get Really Furious

Gordon Ramsay is as explosive as a balloon in the claws of your gnarly cat, we all know that. Naturally


Gordon Ramsay Answers Cooking Questions From Twitter

WIRED brings the cook with the hottest temper together with the social media channel with the wittiest users. Gordon Ramsay

The Five Worst Halloween Treats According to Gordon Ramsay

Just in time for your Halloween party. If you aren't sure yet, what to buy - listen to star chef


Gordon Ramsay Perfectly Takes A Part A Lobster

Lobster is one of the most popular dishes to order at a seafood restaurant. But making it at home can be tricky, especially


Gordon Ramsay VS Julia Child Epic Rap Battle

There are a couple well known TV cooks and chefs, but few compare to the fame of world famous British five


Gordon Ramsay Really Doesn’t Like Girl Scout Cookies

Back in the day, Girl Scout Cookies were made at home by girl scouts and their scout leaders. But today, like


Gordon Ramsay – funny


Gordon Ramsay Makes Pancake Parody

This three week old video has gone viral recently, with over 850,000 new views! Most people are familiar with British