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Steve Carrell Class Day Speech At Princeton University

Steve Carrell is the latest celebrity guest speaker this graduation season to grace a college stage. The star of The…

Jeremy Lin Video Message To Stuyvesant Graduating Class Of 2012

The hype surrounding Jeremy Lin, a la Lin-Sanity, may have died down a bit in the media, but that doesn't…

High School Graduate Gives My Little Pony Graduation Speech

This graduation themed video was naturally posted back in June, but just went viral again now after being featured on…

Stephen Colbert Northwestern Graduation Speech 2011

June is a time of ice cold drinks, parties, graduations, and, most importantly, celebrity commencement speech speakers. NorthWestern was lucky…

Valedictorian Girl Gives Speech Against Public Schooling At Graduation

This valedictorian girl tells of the flaws of the Public schooling system. Most people's goal is just to finish and…



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