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Great White Shark Takes a Bite Out of a Boat

Check out this crazy video of a massive Great White Shark taking a big bite out of an inflatable boat.


Tourists Record Great White Shark Feeding Frenzy In Alcatraz Waters

Alcatraz is one of America's most famous prisons known for being the most difficult prison to escape from, in part


Beached Great White Shark Is Saved

The Great White Shark is by far the most famous, and most terrifying, shark, thanks to horror films like Jaws.


Great White Shark Attacking Divers In Shark Cage Is Terrifying

Many tourists enjoy sharks up close and personal in the safety of a shark cage. But it can still be


Man Fights Off Great White Shark

This video by Terry Tufferson has instantly gone viral with over 5 million views! The clip purportedly shows an Australian diver bumping


Great White Shark Attacking Small Rubber Boat Is Terrifying

Imagine you go for a boat ride while on vacation to watch cute seals swim and play in the water,


10 Facts About Great White Sharks

The Great White Shark may be one of the most famous sharks, but little is known about the amazing beast.


Woman Free Dives With Great White Shark

Variables Production is outdoor clothing line Patagonia's new adventure YouTube channel. Their debut video has already gone viral. Spear fisher and Patagonia ambassador Kimi


Woman Swims With Great White Shark

To promote their new HD HERO2 camera, Go Pro Camera teamed up with veteran freediver Ocean Ramsey for some jaw-dropping underwater footage. Incredibly, she


Two Australian Divers Have Close Call With Great White Shark

Australian 7 NEWS brings us this report video that has already been viewed 700,000 times in just a week. Nathan and


Fishermen Encounter Great White Shark

After catching a whopping 300 lb marlin, two fishermen off the coast of Oahu, Hawaii encountered a much bigger beast, a


Freediving With Great White Sharks

With only a good ol' fashion snorkel and flippers, Fred Buyle and William Winram dove and swam with some great white