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Between throwing gumboots How To DAD found a little time to go to the movies. Of course with his little


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Making a YouTube channel is pretty easy. At least as long as you are taking the steps Casually Explained casually


How To Prepare For Parenthood

How To DAD got us the perfect test to get started with all these parenthood feelings and responsibilities. Ouch!


How To Time Travel

This time (or next time or last time...) AWE me present us the ultimate "EPIC HOW TO" time travel. via:


How To Build A Go-Kart For Your Kid

How To DAD from New Zealand shares another significant part of parenthood: building karts for your kids. Obviously!


How To Survive A Nuclear War

Even though we (as a species) hopefully never have to deal with a nuclear detonation again, AsapTHOUGHT runs us through


How To Survive A Lion Attack

In this "Epic How To" AWE me gives us lifesaving advice - IF you ever happen to get into a


Epic How To Read A Mind

So if you ever wanted to read other people's minds - here is your chance! AWE me presents this "Epic


The Ultimate Guide To Predicting Oscar Winners

The Film Theorists came up with a pretty decent way of how to get the winners for the upcoming Oscars


8 Camera Hacks In 90 Seconds

This helping video by Peter McKinnon got over 160,000 views, showing us useful tips for making better photos. "These are


How To Pitch A Tent With Babies

Again we get to see a valuable lesson by YouTube-Dad Jordan Watson who builds a tent for us in several


A Guide to Worrying

This is a parody. With a very serious message. Comedian and Youtuber exurb1a tells you to worry about your thing