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Mormon Missionary Parody Of Hello By Adele

Mormon missionaries are famous for being super kind and presentable. That's what makes turning them away at your front door


Wiz Khalifa Covers Adele’s Hello

Nearly every musician has covered Adele's latest soulful hit single Hello. But what about a hip hop cover? While visiting Power


Tap Cover Of Adele’s Hello

Adele's Hello is still one of the hottest songs online for cover artists. Canadian indie rock band Walk off the Earth managed to


Teacher Makes Snow Day Parody Of Adele’s Hello

Every kids wishes for a blizzard in hopes that school will be cancelled. What most kids don't realize is that


Celine Dion Covers Adele’s Hello

Celine Dion is one of those celebrities that people either really love or totally can't stand. This video is proves that


The Other Side Of Adele’s Hello

Imagine you were in a meeting and your ex-girlfriend calls you. You ignore it, but she keeps calling and calling.


Junk Food Parody Of ‘Hello’ Is Perfect For Your New Year’s Resolution

It's a funny thing New Year's. After months of big family dinners, holiday parties, and countless pumpkin lattes the new


Baby ‘Sings’ Along With Hello

Everyone loves Adele's latest hit single Hello. But what's surprising is that this little baby not only loves the song, but is,


Southern University Marching Band Performs ‘Hello’

What's the one song you are most likely to hear if you turn on the radio or walk through the mall right


The Movies Sing Adele’s Hello

By now, you've most likely heard Adele's newest hit single, Hello, countless times and are sick of all the covers


Jimmy, Adele, The Roots Sing Hello With Classroom Instruments

As all his fans already know, Jimmy Fallon loves to sing and perform music. It almost seems like he would rather be a


Adele’s Hello Covered In 25 Different Styles

It seems Adele's new hit single Hello is everywhere. SNL just featured the hit pop song in one of their