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Motorcyclist Dodges Car Crash At Last Second On Highway

Riding a motorcycle automatically with comes with extra dangers that don't exist when driving a car. Motorcyclist enthusiast BreakingMoto knows this more than anyone. Recently


Double Motorcycle Crash

Motorcycle enthusiast Ganic Nomadic was going for a ride with a bunch of other riders when disaster struck. Twice. First, he noticed


Motorcyclist Captures The Moment He Is Attacked By Road Rager On Helmet Camera

Motorcyclist Stealthy Aban was riding along the road with his girlfriend in Yuma, Arizona on Saturday when a driver behind them got out


Motorcyclist Is Chastized By Police On A Horse In Central London

Motor bike enthusiast Aimanas Aima was buzzing a little too fast around Central London, pulling a wheelie, when he was stopped by


Motorcyclist Frees Woman From Overturned Car

Biker Rhino was on his way home on the San Diego 163 when he noticed traffic becoming backed up. He swerved in


Moped Rider Helps Blind Man Walking In Street

Motorcycles Vancouver is not your average biker gang. Instead of wreaking havoc as some might assume, they're helping the community. They


Newton’s Cradle Using People Wearing Helmets Commercial

In a genius marketing move, helmet company Shark Helmets made a very real Newton's Cradle using people. Hanging upside down, five bikers