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Pro-Hillary String Quartet Parodies ‘Stacy’s Mom’ As ‘Chelsea’s Mom’

It's only the summer of 2015, but political pendents and passionate voters are already getting ready for the 2016 presidential…

Little Boy Cries Because He Wants To Be President Instead Of Hillary Clinton

The media was buzzing when Hillary Clinton announced on Sunday that she is running for president in 2016. But little…

GIF Hair flip, Flip Hair, Hillary Clinton, thanks, vanity GIF

GIF Dancing, dance, Hillary Clinton, moves GIF

Funny Pictures – Obama vs. Clinton

Hillary Clinton – Before and After

Hilary Clinton Falls In Plane

Hilary Clinton took a misstep and fell on her way in a plane. The media caught the whole thing. She's…

Hilary Clinton Message To LGBT: It Gets Better

There have been countless celebrities with It Gets Better Messages. Secretary Of State Hilary Clinton gives a message to young…



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