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Samuel L Jackson Recites His Famous Pulp Fiction Speech On Graham Norton Show

Actor Samuel L. Jackson is a famous Hollywood actor well known for countless roles. One of his most iconic characters


Jonah Hill’s Awkward Car Ride With Morgan Freeman

While visiting The Graham Norton Show, actor and comedian Jonah Hill recalled an awkward story from his early acting years.


Interviewer Has Celebrities Wish His Girlfriend Congratulations To Proposal

Celebrity interviewer Joe Michalczuk has interviewed quite a few famous Hollywood celebrities. He took advantage of his job by asking the


Godzilla The Musical

Hollywood is churning out yet another Godzilla movie. How many times can they re-release the monster story? Apparently, as many times


Jean-Claude Van Damme Hated The Original Predator Monster

Hollywood special effects master Steve Johnson, famous for working on films such as Ghostbusters, Blade 2, and more, retells a humorous


Cool Facts About Captain America

Hollywood has a new Superhero to obsess over. Well, he's really an old Superhero. Captain America actually debuted way back


Game Of Thrones Reviewed In 9 Minutes

Game of Thrones nerds are salivating in excitement as the April 6 debut of season 4 nears. To holds fans


Arnold Schwarzenegger Really Wants To ‘Get To The Chopper’ On Tonight Show QVC Sketch

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been on a viral video roll. He recently was trending online after promoting his charity to run


Batman In Classic Movie Scenes Part 3

YouTube channel Pistol Shrimps has gone viral in the past with their hilarious Batman in classic movie scenes series, amassing millions of hits. 


Die Hard Adorably Recreated With Pugs

The classic action movie Die Hard could use a little added cuteness.  Thankfully, The Pet Collective adorably recreated the 80's movie


Honest Trailer Of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

You've seen the first Hunger Games film and the much anticipated follow up, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.  Now, months later, movie obsessed Screen


Jimmy Fallon And Lindsay Lohan Play Water War

Any fan of Jimmy Fallon knows that he absolutely loves playing games with his Hollywood guests. After hosting and interviewing tabloid