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Holiday Ninjas Secretly Give Homeless Stuff

YouTuber nigahiga and his guys did dress up as ninjas again to bring the homeless some usefull stuff like blankets


Stranger Gives Homeless Man Lunch Everyday

MrKhalidmax was at the gas station and saw a homeless man asking for change. Sadly, it's a sight too many of


Homeless Man Who Beautifully Played Public Piano Gives Interview

Remember last week when a homeless man named Donald from Sarasota, Florida played a public piano beautifully and video of


Homeless Man Beautifully Plays Public Piano

Like many other cities, the town of Sarasota, Florida has placed a number of piano around the city for people to


Homeless Man Explains The Difficulties Of Reintegrating Into Society From Prison

Documentary filmmaker Tyler Mann was in Austin, Texas when he met Obediah, a homeless man with a lot of insight. He explained to


Man Builds Tiny House For Homeless Woman

While many Americans debate with their significant others if they should redo the front yard or the kitchen, there are


Homeless Man Giving Passersby Money Experiment

Most people in big cities are accustomed to seeing homeless people on the side of the street asking for spare


Freezing Cold Homeless Child Social Experiment

In most big cities, it's not uncommon to see apparently homeless people curdled up on the edge of the sidewalk. OckTV wanted


How A Homeless Man Spends $100 Will Warm Your Heart

YouTube prankster Josh Paler Lin wanted to conduct an experiment. He found a random homeless man holding a sign asking for


Man Uses Olive Garden’s Never Ending Pasta Pass To Feed The Homeless

Olive Garden was trending a few weeks ago when they introduced their Never Ending Pasta Pass. For just $100, a


Homeless Man Shocks Viewers With Beautiful Piano Performance

You wouldn't be surprised to learn that Ryan Arcand has been homeless for the past three decades when you see


A Pep Talk From Kid President And Grover

Soul Pancake's Kid President has done a lot in his career. But now he has officially 'made it' as he