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The Hidden Meaning In WALL·E

This video by Wisecrack went viral a few days ago with now over 400,000 views, explaining us, what Pixar's "WALL·E"


Honest Trailer: The Secret Life of Pets

The newest issue of the "Honest Trailers" by Screen Junkies featuring the animated movie "The Secret Life of Pets" did


If Airlines Were Honest

No space for your knees, zero tolerance for large amounts of liquids and unpredictable prices - flying isn't always fun.


Honest Airline Commercial Is So True

We all know that companies portray their products in a much brighter light in the commercials than they really are. That's OK.


If Medicine Commercials Were Honest

Today, we're so used to seeing commercials for prescription medicines on TV that many forget that it was not that


Honest Trailer Of The 2016 Emmys

With the Internet exploding, there is more entertaining content than ever before. Even the unemployed don't have the time to watch


If Birth Control Commercials Were Honest

Commercials for pharmaceutical products are always funny. They can almost never actually say what the product is for, so they have


Honest Trailer Of Pokemon Go

Angry Birds and Candy Crush can move on over, because there's a new smartphone game in town. Of course we're


SUPERMAN 64 Video Game Trailer

For some reason, video game companies really struggle when attempting to adapt a superhero into a game. Superman is, well, super,


If Coffee Commercials Were Honest

For basically as long as commercials existed on television, coffee companies have been painting a picture of how invigorating and warming


Honest 4th of July BBQ Party

The Fourth of July is finally here! And since it's on Monday, many have already started celebrating the holiday weekend. And that means


If Cell Phone Commercials Were Honest

These days, it's hard to not see yet another cell phone commercial on billboards, TV, or online. Or better yet,