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What is a Metal Print?

4 August, 2021



5 Hacks You Thought Were True, But Aren’t

Popular YouTube life hacker, Household Hacker, has veered from his usual course to debunk five hack myths most people still believe.…

10 Vinegar Life Hacks

Household Hacker, YouTube's most famous educator of ridiculous tricks and hacks that may or may not ease your daily life,…

10 Food Life Hacks

Ever popular Household Hacker has debuted a brand new video with a focus on food life hacks. Some of his food tips…

Quick And Simple Life Hacks Part 10

The Internet loves 'life-hacks' as it's put. Quick and simple tricks that can help make everyday life run a smidgen…

How To Make Perfect Homemade Slime

Remember that nasty Nickelodeon GAK slime product from the 90's. Man, did it stink. But it was fun.  Popular Household Hacker has…

Quick And Simple Life Hacks Part 8

Household Hacker's never ending Quick and Simple Life Hacks series continues. In the eighth episode, the host shows viewers how to keep…

Quick And Evil April Fool’s Pranks

With all the focus on the Easter holiday, it seems the web has forgotten about one of their favorite days of the…

Quick And Simple Life Hacks Part 7

Popular YouTube channel Household Hacker continues their high traffic series Quick and Simple Life Hacks. In part seven, the narrator shows how to…

Seven Ways To Open A Wine Bottle Without A Corkscrew

Household Hacker is, naturally, most famous for their 'life hacks.' A common 'life hack' is to access alcohol, be it beer…



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