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Between throwing gumboots How To DAD found a little time to go to the movies. Of course with his little


How To DAD Does The Gumboot Flip Challenge

Neat little teaser by How To DAD who will be throwing boots a lot within the next couple weeks. "I'm


How To Prepare For Parenthood

How To DAD got us the perfect test to get started with all these parenthood feelings and responsibilities. Ouch!


How To Dad BBQ

This time How To DAD shows us how to grill.


How To Build A Go-Kart For Your Kid

How To DAD from New Zealand shares another significant part of parenthood: building karts for your kids. Obviously!


How To Play ‘Dress Ups’ With Your Kids

How To DAD shows us, how to play properly "Dress Ups" with your kids. Turned out a little short, but


How To Discipline Your Baby

Another issue of How To DAD's guide for a better life. This time it is all about the one thing


How To Wash A Car With A Baby

How To DAD just released a new and entertaining video. This time it is all about washing a car with


How To Pitch A Tent With Babies

Again we get to see a valuable lesson by YouTube-Dad Jordan Watson who builds a tent for us in several


How to Go Grocery Shopping With a Baby

Another really entertaining episode by How To DAD, demonstrating us significant skills you have to have as a parent. I


How To Teach A Baby To Climb A Fence

Some new material by "How To Dad" that shows not only his kid but also us all how to climb