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Daniel Bodin Lands Huge Double Backflip On A Snowmobile

Wow! Swedish freestyle rider Daniel Bodin has done the first ever double backflip on a snowmobile. Red Bull supported and…

200,000 Sparklers Burnin At The Same Time

After the 10,000 sparklers burning a few weeks ago, we take this amount and multiply it with 20 to get…

Acer Predator 21X Is The Biggest And Heaviest Laptop Ever

If you happen to have a little spare money (of 9,000 Dollars) and a large amount of arm muscles, maybe…

Huge Dog Welcomes Home Soldier

There are countless cute, sweet, emotional, and funny videos of soldiers being welcomed home by their beloved dogs and pets.…

Huge Gigantic Ginger Bread Man

This maybe the largest Gingerbread man ever, and definatly the largest I have seen. A crowd gathers around a truck…


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