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Nailed It

21 August, 2019

Dogs Herding Ducks

20 August, 2019



Planet Earth 2 Animals Scream Like Humans

Even though you know beforehand that Matt Amys did replace the screams of these animals from the BBC series "Planet


10 Useless Body Parts You Have For No Reason!

The newest video by YouTuber Matthew Santoro got over 500.000 views within it's first day being online. So maybe it


How Far Away Can You Get From Everybody Else?

I think everyone of us had this moment, when you wanted to go as far away from everybody as possible,


Human Population Through Time Visualized

This very interesting video from the American Museum of Natural History displaying the growth of the human population on earth


Explaining The Dangers Of Humans

In this trending video, linguist Tom Scott explains the human species as if he were speaking to the Interstellar Safety Council. Humans are


Why Do We Have Two Nostrils?

Popular super nerd VSauce has returned to the web for his much anticipated weekly science lesson. For his latest video, he asks



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