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Humpback Whales Surface in Front of Lodge

Humpback whales aren't often known for making appearances so close to shore, let alone right in front of  The Great


Humpback Whales Breaching By Kayakers Is Terrifying Too Close

We humans have a special affinity for whales. Even though they seem to be so different from us, they are also


Humpback Whales In Hawaii

The humpback whale is one of the largest and most magnificent animals in the animal kingdom. Artists Uheheu was lucky enough to


Humpback Whale Breaches On Top Of Kayakers

Seeing a whale jump out and breach from the ocean is always a special event to see in real life. Guests of


Giant Humpback Whale Almost Tail-Slaps Kayakers

Cimeron Morrissey was kayaking with her buddies, and boy is she glad she brought her camera along. While kayaking in Monterey Bay, a bus-sized


Drone Records Amazing Footage Of Enormous Dolphin And Whale Pod Stampede

This awe-inspiring video by Dolphin Safari has gone viral over the weekend with over 430,000 hits so far!  Captain Dave Anderson


Huge Humpback Whale Smacks Diver Cameraman

While recording whales off the east coast of South Africa, professional underwater cameraman Chris Coates had a serious close call.  Suddenly, one humpback


Whale Almost Eat Divers

Talk about a close call! While diving at Souza Rock off the California coast, two divers had a too-close-for-comfort encounter with


Divers Have Surprise Encounter With Humpback Whale

Westh2o published this video in 2011, but it has only hit the viral video scene recently. While diving in the ocean,