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World’s worst hunting dog


Man Punches Kangaroo In The Face To Rescue His Dog

What a horrible headline. But somehow this video of a man boxing a kangaroo went uber-viral, resulting in about five


Hunting Stereotypes

With the changing temperature comes the new seasons. New TV shows, new cooler temperatures, a new season of sports, and


Amazing Footage Reveals How Falcons Catch Prey

This video by The Company of Biologists has gone viral over the weekend with over 1.4 million hits!  Scientist Suzanne Amador Kane


Deer Hunter Opens Can Of Beer Can-Opener Style With His Teeth, Chugs Beer In Five Seconds

This relatively ancient video was published way back in 2007 by hunter Country Bullet, but has only just gone viralviral now


Dog Catches Fish From Lake

There's a reason dogs have been so close to humans for thousands of years. They are great hunters, and together,


Trump Sons Goes Hunting In Africa

This month old video slideshow has just exploded online, with users outraged by the images. Donald Trump's sons apparently went


Duck Hunting Dog Point Of View

We all know what it looks like to sit on your butt and shoot from land. But what does the