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Dude Perfect’s Extreme Weather Golf Battle

Take a virtual golf court, some crazy tricksters and a lot of bad weather and et voila - 2.6 million


Time Lapse Shows Hurricane Matthew Slam Jacksonville Beach

Interesting footage from John Johnson / Storful that shows the dramatic impact of the recent hurricane Matthew on the sea


Hurricane Matthew Meets Slayer

Rocking the weather US-style. Crazy! "Lane Pittman. Slayer. America. Hurricane Matthew. Turn it up! Where you at Emma Watson?!"


Why Can Pilots Fly Into Hurricanes But Not Thunderstorms

Just like tornado chasers, hurricane hunters run to the extreme storm instead of running away. But how is it that hurricane hunters


LIPA Style – Long Island Power Authority Gangnam Style Parody Music Video

The thing about most viralviral Gangnam Style music video parodies is that the majority just perform the famous horse trot dance with


Reporters On Scene During Hurricane Sandy News Bloopers Compilation

Like every big storm these days, nearly every major and local news station sent their reporters to the safer edge


Biking Across And Documenting Lower Manhattan During Hurricane Sandy

Casey Neistat is a popular New York journalist and YouTuber, and knew he couldn't pass up the chance to document Hurricane


8th Street And Avenue C Intersection Flooded In Manhattan From Hurricane Sandy

One of the most shared videos from the super storm Sandy is this short clip from the 8th Street and Avenue


Man Records As Three Huge Trees Are Torn Down In Front Of His House During Hurricane Sandy

NSFW Warning - Language Like so many other Americans on the East Coast, Imasharky was looking out the window with his camera


Jimmy Fallon Opens Late Night With No Audience Because Of Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy pummeled the East Coast Monday night, and as a result, the entire city of New York has been


Jogger Wearing Horse Mask In Hurricane Sandy Weather Report

The entire American Internet is all abuzz about the super storm Sandy that has just started to pummel the entire


NYC Girl In Pink Poncho Attempts To Brave Hurricane Sandy

Nearly the entire East Coast of America has been shut down as a result of Hurricane Sandy that is expected