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The Happiest Newlyweds Ever

Who to side with thought? The hot tempered husband or the insanely annoying wife?


Sheriff Deputy And Wife Drop Baby News In Carpool Ticket Video

As all drivers in California know, a great way to get around the brutal traffic is to drive in the


Husband Surprises Wife With New Car For Christmas

It's always exciting to get a new car, but it's especially thrilling when the car you have is an old


Deaf Man Finding Out His Wife Is Pregnant Will Melt Your Heart

In this touching video, Brittany LeBlanc Welch lets her husband know that she is finally pregnant. Naturally, she couldn't just tell him, so


Wife Surprises Husband With Pregnancy News With Blind Taste Test

The Internet has already seen countless emotional videos in which wives and girlfriends surprise their significant others with the exciting


Husband Surprises Wife With Pregnancy News

Since the dawn of humanity, it has always been the job of the woman to surprise her man with the


Couple Can’t Stop Laughing After Discovering Electrical Wiring Mix Up

Daniel Willey's sister and husband were doing some remodeling when they discovered a very ridiculous electrical wiring issue. For some reason, two switches


Husband Adorably Surprises Wife With Dream Vacation To England

Everyone has one. A dream trip or vacation they think about for years, but can never go on for countless reasons. Rob Wiltsey's


Nine Months Pregnant Wife Is An Emotional Mess

With his wife nine months pregnant, Kevin Reams has gotten used to her swinging moods. While packing vegetables into bags for later,


Husband Pranks Wife, Makes House One Giant Plastic Ball Pit

When mom is away, the kids and dad will play. Prankster Roman Atwood has made a habit out of pranking his


Wife Surprises Husband With Pregnant News In Photo Booth

Sharing the news that your are pregnant with your husband is always a very special and exciting event. As the


Man Surprises Wife With Second Wedding On Their Tenth Anniversary

Steven knew he had to do something special for his ten year anniversary with his wife Kelli, so he took things to