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Crushing Vice And Other Tough Stuff With Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic Press Channel ups their game and destroy some serious stuff (and already got over half a million views on


Crushing Adamantium With Hydraulic Press

Another taste of the hydraulic force. Or not? Mutant style! This video got over 1.2 million views within it's first


Crushing Prince Rupert’s Drop With Hydraulic Press

After a bullet fired at a prince rupert's drop a few weeks ago, this time the people behind the Hydraulic


Crushing A Nokia 3310 With A Hydraulic Press

Will the most robust mobile device of all time survive the hydraulic press? Of course not. And it looks beautiful


How To Make A Skateboard From Toilet Paper

Beyond The Press uses a hydraulic press to turn a bunch of toilet paper rolls into a skateboard deck. It


Crushing $40,000 Gold Bar With Big Hydraulic Press

If you are sensitive about luxury items like iPhones being crushed by a hydraulic press - this one is not


Hydraulic Press in Slow Motion

The Slow Mo Guys meet The Hydraulic Press Channel. And I honestly wouldn't have thought that the resulting images would


Crushing Halloween With Hydraulic Press

So yeah, Halloween is over-over. Maybe this video by the Hydraulic Press Channel does set the final nail in this


Hydraulic Press vs Deck of Cards

You probably know who is going to be the winner in this battle between a deck of cards and a


Crushing A Diamond With A Hydraulic Press

Diamonds last forever. At least that's the marketing slogan we all know. Diamonds are also considered one of the hardest


Crushing A Thick Book With Hydraulic Press

Being able to tear a phone book in half is a feat only Superman can do. But you can get


Crushing Rubber Duck With Hydraulic Press

This might be Ernie's only nightmare. After smushing and smashing nearly everything else already, the crew at the Hydraulic Press Channel got