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Trippy 3D Illusion Of Human Head Turning Will Blow Your Mind

This older video features a mind blowing illusion reportedly by artist Markus Raetz. As the 3D sculpture spins, a human head


Amazing Animated Optical Illusions Part 6

Popular online illusionist Bruss Pup has finally returned with a new episode in his viral Animated Optical Illusions series.  As usual, he


Saw Blades And Hammers Ping Pong Paddle Trick

Back in October, Tumba Ping Pong Show exploded online with their impressive Ping Pong Paddle Knife Throwing Trick. Viewers were amazed, but


How To Make A Secret Cloaked Monitor Screen That Only You Can See

Tired of your coworkers or roommates looking over your shoulder at your computer screen? Prominent online illusionist Brusspup has stepped forward


Honda CR-V Optical Illusion Commercial

To promote the new Honda CR-V equipped with a new efficient diesel engine, Honda commissioned this eye-popping commercial.  Filmed in the city


3D Drawing Of Coca Cola Can Looks Impossibly Real

Thirsty for an ice cold Coke? Well don't look here! This perfectly delicious slim Coke can is actually an impossible


3D Drawing Of Empty Bag Of Chips Looks Real

Artist Marcello Barenghi specializes in drawing three dimensional illusions on a flat surface.  For his latest project he drew an incredibly realistic


Dancers Perform In Front Of Fake Mirror With Real Live ‘Reflections’

At first, it seems the four colorful dancers in this Asian TV show are just dancing in front of a


Cat Is Intrigued By Floating Snake Illusion

The Rotating Snake Illusion is an art piece that so many recognize, but few know the title. YouTuber Rasmusab thought it would


Amazing Anamorphic Illusions Made Of Paper Look 3D

Anamorphic illusions trick the brain into seeing a 3D object that is actually flat as paper. Optical illusionist and scientist


The Moon Illusion

Perhaps you have looked up at the clear night sky, and the moon appeared bigger than normal. No, the moon


Swimming Pool Illusion

This week old illusion video by illusionist master brusspup stands with over 1.4 million views. Standing in the pool, the camera man