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A World Record Only The Germans Could Break

I mean, who else is so familiar with litres and litres of beer? [embed][/embed]

You’re Never Too Old To Gym

Okay, that's not true for everyone, but this 91-year-old has some cool tricks up her sleeve. [embed][/embed]

When The Actual Game is Boring

There's a hundred ways to warm up a stadium full of fans, this is one of the best we've seen.

This Guy Is The Claw Machine’s Final Boss

Everyone is entitled to their own hobby. If that hobby gives you access to enough stuffed animals for a dozen…

Need Some Good Feels? Watch How Awesome We Humans Are

People are awesome. Prepare for a very slick montage of the most insane extreme sports, ludicrous acrobatics and much more…

The Slow Mo Guys Are Back With Incredible Footage Of A Rocket’s Launch

The Slow Mo guys are known for, well, slow motion videos, and they are extremely gorgeous. You can almost feel…

You Probably Aren’t Chilling Out When A Cheetah Jumps Into Your Car, Or Are You?

Cheetahs are majestic as fuck, but best observed from a distance. This guy, however, doesn't take ViralViralVideos' advice too seriously…



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