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Bug-A-Salt Gun Kills Flies By Shooting Table Salt

One of the worst parts of summer is the constant flies. Swatters, bug spray, fly tape and more are all


Man Extracts 50,000 Bees From Home Wall

Larry Chen noticed a swarm of bees outside his window, an irregular occurrence. He contacted Mike The Bee Man ([email protected]), and after


Trolling A Spider

This ridiculous video went viral over the weekend after being featured on Reddit, and now stands with over one million


Scooping Up Bees Barehanded

This video from 2009 only went viral this month, and is featured on Arbroath and MPViral. Two daring men had a


Ball Girl Removes Bug Off Court At Australian Open

Bugs and creepy crawlers are much bigger in Australia, and that became apparent at a recent match at the Australian


Baby Spiders Explode After Pregnant Spider Is Squashed

One repeating theme online is the fear and hatred for all things spider. This video from 2010 is particularly disturbing as it


HexBug Larva Toy Bug Robot

The HexBug Larva is the perfect gift for those interested in technology and robotics. The robot bug slithers around realistically,


How To Use A Laser As A Microscope

Using the magic of science, powerm1985 shows us how to see single celled organisms in water with just a laser pointer. First,


Baby Spider Nest Explosion

The Internet has a special place in its heart for spiders. On one hand, the eight legged creatures are terrifying,


Doctor Takes Bee Out Of Child’s Ear

Warning: Graphic Images!! This is one of my nightmares. I'm sorry for showing you this, but it's viral, so I


Hand Feeding A Pet Wasp

This old video from 2009 has had a recent surge in viewers. A crazy person feeds their pet wasp with