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wheelchair-bound man dances with wife on wedding day

Man Confined to a Wheelchair Dances with His Bride

Man Confined to a Wheelchair Stands to Dance with His Bride I'm not crying, you're crying (or maybe we both


The Michelangelo Of Microsoft Excel

For many of us, Microsoft Excel is just some complicated office software. You're lucky if you even know how to


Staff Surprises CEO With Brand New Tesla After Dramatic Pay Raise

There's been a lot of talk about the minimum wage over the past few years. Instead of waiting for the government to take


College Student Surprises Family After Losing 45 Pounds

Wibawa Brothers hasn't been home to Indonesia from college in 3 long years. Many students are known to gain some weight


Incredible Seven-Year-Old Uses Her Feet As Hands

It's easy to go through life and take so many things for granted. Little Sophi Green was born with no arms,


Obese Man Changes His Life After Rescuing A Dog At Animal Shelter

Only a few years ago, Eric weighed over 300 pounds. His doctors told him to buy a burial plot because he


Woman’s Impromptu Performance Of Star Spangled Banner At Lincoln Memorial

There are few places as American as the Lincoln Memorial. Since she was at such a special place, G Star


Nicest Good Samaritan Ever Helps Stranded Motorist On Highway

Most of us don't even think about stopping when we see a car pulled over on the highway. Usually, you


Florence + The Machine Performs Special Concert For Teen At Hospice

Hospice is difficult for everyone involved, especially when teenagers are the residents. But Austin Hospice was able to raise the


Man With No Arms And Blind Man Plant Forest In China

Here's a great story about two men with disabilities that didn't let their shortcomings stop them from achieving their dreams.


Bikers Against Child Abuse Empower Scared, Abused Kids

Bikers often have a bad reputation for being tough guys who disregard traffic laws and the feelings of others. But BACA, or Bikers Against


Crowd Sings Roll The Old Chariot

At the the 2010 Portsmouth Maritime Folk Festival, a crowd was inspired to sing the classic Roll The Old Chariot. Stephan Smith