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Kids React To The First iPod

It feels like it was just yesterday when everyone was talking about this new device called an MP3 player that


Jobs Trailer

Since the movie's announcement, there has been a buzz surrounding Jobs. Finally, the trailer has debuted, featuring Ashton Kutcher as Steve


Megadeth’s Holy Wars Gutiar Solo Performed On iPod Touch

Those touch screen guitar apps for smartphones are fun, but they are not that easy to play. Especially a fast


Man Implants Magnets Into His Wrist To Hold iPod Nano

There's always one person taking body modifications to the next level. If you thought the girl who works at Starbucks


ABC News Visits Apple’s FoxConn Factory

Recently, Apple has come under fire after rumors of sweatshop-like work conditions for their factory workers emerged. Now for the


Boy Freaks Out Over iPod Touch Christmas Gift

Finally receiving that awesome Christmas gift you've been begging for months for is worthy of screams of cheer, glee, and


Dancing With An iPod In Public

The original iPod commercials of shadows dancing have become an icon that everyone can recognize. But dancing with headphones on


Steve Jobs Tribute Rap Song – What More Can I Say Parody

There's no question, Steven Jobs is one of the world's most famous, and influential CEOs. Jobs played a huge roll in many


iPod Magic Deceptions

Mark the iMagician shows off his latest magic bit with three iPods. He is just the latest in the new


Trumpet iPod Speakers

Forget all those other speakers, this is the iPod speaker for all you hipsters. It's a trumpet made into an


Apple Airplay Connects Handheld To TV

Airplay connects your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch to Apple TV and speakers. Now you can watch your movies and


New Apple iPod Touch Commercial

The new iPod Touch is basically an iPhone 4 just with out the phone capabilities. It has Facetime and can