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Switching Drivers At The Drive Thru Prank

He's probably most famous online pranking the workers at the drive thru. Now, magician Rahat is back for another epic fast


Prankster Messes With Online ‘Virus Cleaning’ Scammer

Have you ever accidentally misspelled a popular website and an error page popped up telling you to call a phone


Talking To Ghosts Prank

Halloween is a time of spirits and ghosts. Prankster Jack Vale decided to bring some ghosts back from the dead for


Prankster Exposes Bad Customer Service When You Call To Ask If Product Is In Stock

Don't you hate when you call a big box store to ask if they have a product in stock only


NSA Spying Prank

It seems everyday there is another news report about criminal hackers and government agencies spying on regular people using cellphone


Blowing Bubbles At People At Walmart Prank

If you were shopping at Walmart and suddenly saw bubbles you might assume you're going crazy. That's the idea behind


People Think They’re Floating In The Levitation Prank

Magician Rich Ferguson teamed up with prankster Jack Vale to prank people at the beach and blow their minds. They convinced a slew of


Cyber Stalker Prank Freaks People Out

People post too much personal information on social networks. To help curb this bad habit, prankster and comedian Jack Vale went


Watch My Dog Black Guy White Guy Switch Prank

YouTubers Jack Vale and Greg Davis Jr recently went viral with their ingenious and hilarious black guy, white guy switch at the drive-thru prank.


Post Colonoscopy Prank

To promote colon cancer awareness, prankster Jack Vale teamed up with the Colon Cancer Alliance to prank some post-op colonoscopy patients and spread a


Paranoid Name Dropping Prank

Online prankster Jack Vale was at the 2014 National Association of Music Merchants, or NAMM, and couldn't let the opportunity to make


Social Media Stalker Prank

Online prankster Jack Vale went viral back in November after scaring strangers with their personal information he found on social media sites,