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How to Fall Asleep Fast

23 September, 2022



Bunny Playing Jenga

This bunny called Simba seems to be a better player at Jenga than me. He successfully removes a stone without


Girl Performs Impossible Jenga Move

With winter break and the holidays here, countless people are home hanging out with family. And that means board games!


Cat Is Surprisingly Good At Jenga

Cats are known for being dexterous and clever, but this viral video of a cat playing Jenga is still surprising. Alan


Playing Giant Game Of Jenga With Heavy Machinery

It seems more and more unexpected players are entering the Internet world to promote their products with viral videos. Heavy


Guy Successfully Removes Last Bottom Jenga Piece Without Collapsing Tower

Everyone knows that once the two side bottom pieces are removed during a game of Jenga, the last block is


Obedient Dog Lies On Back Balancing Jenga Stack Of Treats

The dog that balanced a huge Jenga style stack of treats on its nose just went viral, but this is