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Guy Riding Water Jet Pack Catches Frisbee Tossed Off Bridge

This just might be the most insane Frisbee toss ever. The trick shot masters at Ultimate Insanity threw a Frisbee off of


Jetman Flies Above Dubai With His Iconic Jetpack

Swiss pilot Yves Rossy is famous around the world for inventing his very own jetpack that actually works. Yes, just like


Swiss Pilot Jetman Performs Aerobatics Over Dubia Desert Using Jet Pack

Swiss pilot Yves Rossy is better known as Jetman as he was the first man in the world to fly


Athletes Swim Like Dolphins With Jet Pack Water Boots

Popular videographer Devin Supertramp traveled to the island of Oahu in Hawaii for his latest project. He teamed up with athletes from Aquatic Aviation to show


Jet Pack School

For over a century, mankind has dreamt of flying with a jet pack. Only recently has the dream slowly started


Water Jet Pack Fail On News

 Fox 5 Reporter Matt Johnson opens the news at the San Diego Yacht and Boat Show. He's with a man


Man Flies Over Grand Canyon With Jet Pack

Yves Rossy is known as the Swiss "Jetman". He completed an eight-minute flight along the Grand Canyon with his jet pack


Water Jet Pack

Water jet packs are slowly becoming more mainstream. The dream of a jet pack have been on people's minds for years. Using water


Fox New Reports FAKE Jet Pack Story

If anyone has any question if Fox and Friends was a real joke, here's your answer. Fox News reports on a