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Daniel Is Actually The Bad Guy In The Karate Kid

As the Internet is so heavily populated with Generation X kids, it's no surprise kids movies from the 1980's are so…

Stop-Motion Karate

Nearly every kid has had a pretend play fight with their friends, especially after watching an awesome action movie like…

Nine Year Old Girl Performs Epic Karate Dance On Britain’s Got Talent

Little Jesse is only nine years old, but she is already a karate master. With the support of her dad, she tried out…

Seven Year Old Black Belt Girl Can Kick Your Butt

Mahiro is only seven years old, but she can most likely kick your butt. The young gal is a black…

Cheesy 80’s Karate Rap Song

The 80's were a time when early rap and hip hop were slowly seeping into the mainstream. Anyone growing up…



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