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Dachshund ‘Hot’ Dogs Heinz Ketchup Super Bowl Commercial

It's that time of year again. The Super Bowl is almost as big as the Christmas season online. Perhaps even…

High School Students Create Better Ketchup Bottle Cap

There's nothing worse than making the perfect burger will all the toppings only to squirt a nice dab of ketchup…

Why Is Ketchup So Hard To Pour

Everyone loves ketchup, but there's nothing more annoying than spending five minutes attempting to get the ketchup out of one…

How Ketchup Packets Work In Australia

Adam McDowell posted this video way back in 2009, but it has only virally exploded online now with over 175,000 new…

MIT Team Create Glass Ketchup Bottle That Actually Pours

Glass ketchup bottles are better than plastic, but they have their negatives. Getting the ketchup to actually pour out is…


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