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Curious Killer Whale Literally Swims Beside Man In Kayak



Seal Jumps Onto Boat To Escape Orca Killer Whale

While boating with friends, Kirk Fraser and company witnessed an amazing scene of nature. While fishing, they saw a group of ravenous Orca


Killer Whales Take Down Tiger Shark

Killer Whales are named that for a very good reason. Even tiger sharks fear the powerful beasts. Caroline Power and


Whale Launches Sea Lion Into The Air

The boaters of Anglers Adventures in Ketchikan, Alaska captured a rare scene of nature on camera. A desperate sea lion was hiding under their


Kayaker Witnesses Orca Breach Water Right Next To Him

While kayaking at Ford Cove near Hornby Island, B.C. Canada, Louis Jobidon was nearly capsized. Not by severe weather, but by a


Two Fishermen Help Killer Whale Beached On Rocks

While shrimp fishing, fishermen Jason and Nick of Vonick1 encountered a killer whale beached on the rocks near the Prince of Whales island


Wild Orca Plays Tug Of War With Boater

This amazing nature video by Notsuredomus was posted way back in 2010, but is trending now again over the weekend.  In the


Killer Whale Steals Caught Fish Off Line At Last Moment

Creatures much larger than anticipated interrupting people's fishing exhibitions almost always results in an explosive viral video. A great example


Killer Whales Chase Boat

Richard and Laura Howard celebrated their 20th anniversary in La Paz Mexico at Costa Baja Resort/Spa. They took a fun boat ride to


Sea Otter Jumps Into Small Boat To Escape Killer Whales

Joe Miller's friends, Dusty Harpole and Dave Keller, were adventuring in Tutka Bay, Alaska when an absolutely amazing scene of nature occurred


Surfer Almost Eaten By Whales

A woman hanging out on a surfboard and chatting with some kayakers almost became breakfast for two huge killer whales


Whale Swims By Boat Imitating Sound Of The Motor

A wild Orca, named Luna, seemed lost when she appeared near a small motorboat of people. The great killer whale