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A man saves a kitten.

Man Saves Kitten in the Nick of Time

[rumble][/rumble] A man saves a kitten. More

Persian Cat Plays With Balloons Like A Dog

Persian Cat Plays With Balloons Like A Dog

[rumble][/rumble] Edith the Persian cat plays with balloons just like a doggy would! How cool is that?

Kitten Jumps In Puppy Cage

This adorable little kitten decided to escape from its enclosure. But once it reached the edge, it decided to jump…

100 Years Of Kitten Beauty

By now, you've most likely seen those videos by Cut of different forms of fashion and beauty over the past century from…

Kitten Loves Putting Stuff In Shoe

What do you do when your pet has a weird habit of putting your things in your shoes? Capitalize on…

Kitten Trapped In Storm Drain Is Rescued

The human animals lovers who run the Cole and Marmalade YouTube channel heard cries for help coming from a storm drain. But…

Mother Cat With Kittens Play With Dog

Dogs and cats hate each other, right? At least that's what the old fable claims. But why focus on what…

Motorcyclist Stops Traffic To Save Small Kitten

Have you ever been driving down the road and a squirrel runs across the street? It's a terrible feeling when…

Baby And Cat Waking Up Together Is The Cutest

Most pet owners are naturally a little nervous introducing their animal friends to their brand new baby. But Jenny Ann doesn't have…

Fishermen ‘Catch’ And Save Kittens In Water

Many fishermen go after catfish to make a delicious fried dish. But while the two fishermen of Alabama Adventures were out on the water…

Toddler Adorably Fails At Gathering Kittens

This little boy had the idea that he should get all of his kittens together in the backyard. The thing…

Kitten ‘Dances’ To Uptown Funk

There's no question that Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars is one of the unofficial songs of this summer. Apparently, even pets love the catchy…



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