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Ten Labrador Puppies Eating For The First Time Is Beyond Adorable

What's cuter than a bunch of puppies? How about ten?! The Freer Family, which is already a giant human family of


Dog Rides The Bus Alone To The Dog Park

Like most cute stories, this happened by chance. Black lab owner Jeff Young travels with 'best friend' to the dog


Baby’s First Crawl Has Cutest Ending Ever

Don Swift is one proud father. His little girl just crawled for the first time, and he caught it on video!


Dog Seriously Loves His Bucket

Charcoal the Labrador has a serious obsession with his red bucket. He's been playing with it ever since he was


Dog Befriends Boy With Down Syndrome

Argentinian mother  posted this precious original video of a local dog befriending and interacting with her son who suffers from Down


Yellow Lab Picks Up Three Tennis Balls At Once

Zoe the yellow Labrador has a special talent. She can pick up three tennis balls at once. The best part is


Owner Screams After Dog Herding Deer In Park

Dogs just can't help their instincts. Some dogs just have herding in their blood, and when they see a group


Labrador Puppies In Slow Motion

This video was posted online in 2010, but just went viral now on sites like StuffIStole and HuffingtonPost. What is more


Smart Dog Plays Hide And Seek

This cute black -I believe- Labrador listens to her owners commands to play hide and seek. He tells her that