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This Is One Very Elaborate April Fools Prank

Don't be fooled, watch this vlog all the way until the end to see what kind of April Fools prank


Lexi George Dancing To The Rhythm

Well, it's time for our regularly scheduled annoying tween pop song. It seems just as we're getting over the last


Man Tattoos Facebook Friends Profile Pics On His Arms

Anyone who uses Facebook knows that their 'friends' aren't permanent. In an instant you can make new friends, or lose


Quinton Rampage Jackson Tells Japanese Fans To Repeat His English Insults

I never heard of Rampage Jackson before, and I wish I never had now. He's an MMA fighter and he's


The Waiting Game Fake Trailer

Remember how funny the 40 Year Old Virgin was? Well this is basically a copy of that, but not funny


Snooki Guest Stars In New Hater Show, H8R

When you think of the CW, only the highest quality shows come to mind. Like their new show called H8R-


Kreayshawn Hipster Girl Rap – Gucci Gucci

Most rappers talk about their Prada and Gucci products and love showing off. But kreayshawn is such a hipster she


Chair Dancing Exercise Tape

Americans don't like to exercise. Heck, we don't even want to move except to shove fat food into our faces.


Christian Spoof Bed Intruder Song

Only a year late, a couple Christians try to parody Antoine Dodson's Internet famous, Bed Intruder Song. Again, I said


Slob Stopper Bib For Grownups Commercial

This year old video has had almost no attention until now, going viral on sites like Gizmodo. Unbelievable, this is


Friday Friday Annoying Rebecca Black Music Video

Ok, I have to come clean. I saw this nightmare weeks ago. I never wanted to post it because I'm


Situation Bombs, Booed At Donald Trump Roast On Comedy Central

The Situation from Jersey Shore attempts comedy at Donald Trump's Roast. He fails in every aspect. The jokes are bad