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Lawn Mower Racing

Everyone loves racing go-karts. They are arguably more fun to drive than real cars. But racing with riding lawn mowers? That's…

Irish Dad Tells Son To Start Vacuum Like Lawn Mower

It's the job of every father to explain to their son how to mow the lawn. That includes the difficult job…

Rope Controlled Lawn Mower

Everyone loves summer, but the chores associated with the nice sunny days can get tiresome, especially mowing the lawn. But 99bbtom has…

The 130 MPH Lawnmower

In this viral video, TopGear shows off the impressive 130 MPH lawnmower, new from Honda. Already, the video has garnered over 350,000…

Neighbor Records Man Freaking Out Over Broken Lawn Mower

NSFW - language There's nothing more infuriating than getting ready to get a job done, only to be stopped by…

Man Mowing Lawn During Crazy Hail Storm

Some people really take their lawn care a little too seriously. During a hail storm, an older man was caught…

Woman On Wheel Chair Uses Lawn Mower To Move

This is either the laziest woman ever, or the dumbest... or the smartest. I'm not sure. I'm just in shock.…



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