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Boy Asks LeBron Why He Won’t Play In Dunk Contest

 is a big LeBron fan, so if James knew what's good for him, he would try his best to keep


LeBron James Jumps Over John Lucas To Score Alley-Oop

For a long time, LeBron James was only in negative viral videos because of his departure from Cleveland that left


LeBron James Stolen From And Dunked On By Taiwanese Player

LeBron James was embarrassed in front of the Asian world when he played at an All-Star game in Taipei, Taiwan. In


LeBron James Dunks, Knocks Over Kid At Basketball Camp

Kids at this basketball camp were lucky enough to have a visit by the NBA super star, LeBron James. After


LeBron James Cartoon – The LeBrons Promo Commercial

 LeBron James stars in his own Internet animated cartoon series called The LeBrons. Obviously LeBron James publicists thought this would


LeBron James Bumps Coach On Purpose?

It seems like nothing to me, but the Internet is already a buzz with how LeBron was 'bullying' and bumping


Michael Jordan Lebron James Nike Mash Up Commercial – Maybe You Should Rise

Lerbon James made a Nike commercial called Rise that received bad reviews by all basketball fans. An older Nike commercial


LeBron James Nike Commercial Rise Discusses Controversy

Lebron James was and is still hated for how he handled changing teams. In this new Nike commercial LeBron asks


Kobe Bryant Says He’d Beat Lebron James In One On One

When Kobe Bryant is asked who would win in a one on one against Lebron James, he answers, 'I would...