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8 Lemon Gadgets Put To The Test

Sometimes you have these videos, you just know will go viral instantly. They have unique ideas, a catching video title


How To Make Fire With A Lemon

Even if you're most likely never going to need a survivor lifehack like this, it's still extremely cool. As fire


Real Life Fruit Ninja

Most people have heard of Fruit Ninja the game, this guy is the real thing! Just watch as this real


Babies Tasting Lemons For First Time In Slow Motion Is The Cutest

There are literally countless videos of babies tasting lemons for the first time. But this new compilation, aptly titled Pucker, by David


Babies Tasting Lemons Compilation

It's been done over and over, and that's precisely because viewers just can't get enough. Babies tasting lemons for the


Dog Freaks Out From Bitter Lemon

The Internet has seen plenty of dogs and babies try a sour lemon only for them to adorably quiver from


Bernese Mountain Puppy VS Lemon

This two week old adorably precious puppy video has started to trend again. Just like so many baby vs lemon


Baby Tries Lemon And Keeps Coming Back For More

Viral videos of babies trying a lemon for the first time is nothing new. There are countless videos of cute