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Quick And Simple Life Hacks Part 7

Popular YouTube channel Household Hacker continues their high traffic series Quick and Simple Life Hacks. In part seven, the narrator shows how to…

Seven Ways To Open A Wine Bottle Without A Corkscrew

Household Hacker is, naturally, most famous for their 'life hacks.' A common 'life hack' is to access alcohol, be it beer…

Six Ways To Open Beer Bottle Without An Opener

Household Hacker is one of the older popular YouTube channels, yet they still continue to churn out popular viral videos. For their…

How To Rip Off Ticket Scalpers

Nobody likes the ticket scalpers outside of sporting events, except when they are the ones with no tickets to the…

Simple Life Hacks Part 2

After the much success of their first video, Household Hacker is back with another (maybe not so) helpful list of 'life hacks.'…



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