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Grand Valley State Lip Sync Come Sail Away Music Video One Take

No one can out perform Eric Cartman, but the Grand Valley State University students do a great job. In one


Man Dressed In Wig And Dress Lip Sync Katy Perry FireWork At Apple Store

This guy's YouTube gag is to cross dress terribly and go on Chat Roulette tricking guys. Now he comes out


Usher Lip Syncs DJ Got Us Falling In Love And OMG – X Factor 2010 Live Show

All Usher does is dance around with his dancing babes, and barely sings. He has his record playing on the


Midget Lip Sync, Sings, Dances To Katy Perry Firework

This guy is now a YouTube Sensation, and it's well deserved. Who can move like this dude? No one. He


Strong Shirtless Guy Acts Out, Mimes, Mouths SNL Kristen Wiig Surprise Party Skit

This topless ripped guy mouths the girly funny ditsy character that Kristen Wiig plays in the famous SNL Surprise Party


Midget Dancing, Lip Syncing Usher DJ Got Us Falling In Love

This dude rocks out to Usher's new hit song DJ got us falling in love Ft Pitbull. He goes crazy


Midget Lip Sync, Sings, Dances To If I Had You By Adam Lambert

This dude loves to rock out and dance to new pop music. He has gone viral from lip syncing and


Midget Sings Lip Sync Baby By Justin Bieber Ft Ludacris

This guy is already becoming a YouTube star. He doesn't care about haters. He rocks out to Justin Bieber's hit