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Liquid Nitrogen vs. Makeup

Yes, this whole liquid nitrogen thing is trending a lot recently. Even beauty vlogger seem to get around it now,


Science Experiment: Liquid Nitrogen vs Pepsi

Four million views in a day! Mr Gear has done it again, this time with a little help of this


Will A Recording GoPro Survive Liquid Nitrogen?

A few weeks ago Grant Thompson has made this crazy experiment. Over 4 million people have seen this frozen GoPro


3 Awesome Liquid Nitrogen Experiments By CrazyRussianHacker

Another viral video by the Crazy Russian Hacker, this time with some new experiments with liquid nitrogen. This stuff never


Don’t Mix Coke With Liquid Nitrogen!

Another tasty stunt for your entertainment receptors by the CrazyRussianHacker. This time he changes the good old mentos trick a


Liquid Nitrogen Freeze-Ray Vs. Flamethrower

It's darn hot out. How how? There are literally fires burning out of control across the States. The Backyard Scientist is sweating


Filling Giant Balloons With Liquid Nitrogen

Grant Thompson is famous on YouTube as the king of random. He often performs unexpected and outrageous science experiments. For his


10 Party Tricks With Liquid Nitrogen

Popular YouTuber Grant Thompson, aka The King of Random, has returned to the web to demonstrate 10 Party Tricks With Liquid Nitrogen.


Ping Pong Ball Explosion With Liquid Nitrogen

Snowfall comes early this season in this new video by science channel Distort. As liquid nitrogen expands from liquid to gas


Liquid Nitrogen And 1500 Table Tennis Balls Science Experiment

This video was published by Plymouth University in August, but the video has only gone viral now. It is showcased on Fark, CNet,


Goldfish Survives Liquid Nitrogen

This video from 2010 has just exploded in popularity. I bet you never knew, but a goldfish can survive being